A Creative Conversation: Joshua T Berglan Meets Mike Messier - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

A Creative Conversation: Joshua T Berglan Meets Mike Messier


In a recent episode of "A Conversation with Joshua Berglan," two multifaceted creative talents, Joshua Berglan and Mike Messier, sat down to discuss their shared passion for filmmaking, personal integrity, and the unique blend of old school and new school approaches to art.

On Being Grateful

Mike opened the conversation expressing gratitude that the world hasn't exploded and shared his excitement about the upcoming school year. Joshua, on the other hand, emphasized the importance of owning a project, reflecting on his personal integrity test with his documentary, where he felt compelled to overdeliver.

Inspiration to Become a Filmmaker

Mike and Joshua delved into what inspired them to become filmmakers. For Mike, it was the discovery that he could create an editing system with two VCRs. Joshua's inspiration came from the unique and special process of creating a story and making a movie.

The Perfect Mix of Old School and New

The conversation shifted to the blend of old school and new school knowledge in independent media. Joshua sees the current world as perfect for creative minds like Mike, who have the opportunity to monetize their art and overcome challenges in distribution and marketing.

Fighter Play Basketball and Rhode Island

Mike shared insights into his novel "Fighter Play Basketball," the manifestation of Jack, the main character, and his experiences growing up in Rhode Island. He also touched on the dangers of too much information and the importance of showcasing his creations to the world.

About Mike Messier

Mike Messier is a man of many talents, including being a playwright, screenwriter, producer, filmmaker, actor, acting coach, director, live event host, and pro wrestling historian. With a BA in English from Rhode Island College and experience working with great professionals, Mike has won 66 awards in film and video.

His interactive online resume showcases his diverse skills and experiences, including his work as the Avalonia Festival Director, screenwriter and actor for "The Manor" feature film, and creator of the "Dalmatian" one-act play/short film.

Mike's acting credits include working with renowned actors like Meryl Streep, Cybill Shepherd, and Wesley Snipes. He has also been an acting coach, offering private and group classes, and has extensive experience in pro wrestling.



The conversation between Joshua T Berglan and Mike Messier was a rich exploration of creativity, personal growth, and the evolving landscape of independent media. Their connection provided a fascinating insight into the minds of two creative powerhouses.

For a visual experience of this engaging conversation, you can watch the full video [here].

To connect with Mike Messier, visit his [website] or reach out via email at mikemessiermoviemaker@gmail.com.

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