The Power of Mentorship and Truth in Filmmaking with Henning Morales and Joshua T Berglan - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

The Power of Mentorship and Truth in Filmmaking with Henning Morales and Joshua T Berglan

"the mentorship in the movie and we always go back to it and go back to it and go back to those conversations until the end.

You're gonna have to watch, see what happens at the very end with these guys. Again, we'll talk about some of the other things you mentioned, Josh, did you get some of that from the conversations between the cops? Did you get any of that any of that truth?

Oh yeah.

Yeah. I really enjoyed that part of it a lot. And I remember when the scene, that's in the locker room, I think it was that one of the conversations, it really had an impact on me and it reminded me of myself being young and eager and just wanting to help, wanting to serve, wanting to jump in, and wanting to go fast.

And then always having that person in my life because I've always had someone there. Now, of course, some of those people were pushing me to do the. Crazy stuff, but nonetheless, like the mentors of my life, they've always tried to come in and slow me down. Get the foundation, get the basics down first before you take off.

And if you don't have the foundation right, you've got nothing to launch off of. So that was a real impact on me cuz this was, we're building a foundation of truth and doing the things the right way because it only takes one time of doing the wrong thing. To do another wrong thing. It gets easier and easier.

It's like the cheater. I was a chronic cheater in my life. Not now, but I was. And, but I gotta tell you, the first time I cheated, I was sick to my stomach and oh, that feels so bad. And, but that got less and less each time. Eventually it was like, just gimme an iced tea. It was like the same equivalent.

It had the same impact on me. Gimme an iced tea and cheating. But that's what happens and that's what happens with cops. It happens with preachers, they get a little greedy, they take a little extra from offering plate. What, and there's a lot of examples I could go into, but having that mentor there, when you're a baby, when you're new and you're starting to have someone help guide you and do it the right way is important.

And not to go back to this Henning, but I have to. If I didn't learn what I learned from you when I learned it. I could have been one of those. Mind you, I had part of my story in LA is that tragic Hollywood story, but I have a pretty good rebirth story of Hollywood too. And, but if I hadn't have met you and saw how you were on set, saw how you brought the tribe together and put the team together, how you enrolled people into the vision, If didn't see all that.

I guarantee you my experience would've been much different because you helped me set a standard of which to operate in. And I really do appreciate that.

Hey you're welcome. And it's 100% from the heart. And it's intentional. It's intentional. Josh, it's intentional.

There, there's a a perception that people have. True or not true about what a movie set looks like and how a movie set feels? Yes, and I've been on a lot of TV sets and a lot of very high level intense events where people are, they're stress, they're stressed, and they're d and they're only stressed because they're, because they wanna do a good job.

It's not if you're on a, if you're in a tense situation, it's because people care. So much about it. And fortunately for me, Josh was part of, you were part of Romancery and Rebelistic the first two movies that I made, and I didn't direct those movies, and I didn't direct those movies on purpose because I wanted to spend more time with the actors, more time with the crew, more time with the dialogue, more time with the, with getting the scenario proper versus trying to learn how to direct a movie, which.

Is a discipline in and of itself, right? So in, in bringing these young directors, and you met both of my directors, they're both in their twenties and now they're a little older. They're both in their twenties. One was only 23 I think. When and to get somebody half your age, To be in charge of the of a feature film.

That, that's a big deal. But it comes with the recruitment and again, having people buy into the vision of what you're creating the inspirational, motivational nature of what we're doing. The truth telling that we are engaged in the, at the end of the rainbow, you wanna leave somebody better than you found them."



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