Unveiling Film "X Tao" with Chief Lester Bailey - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

Unveiling Film "X Tao" with Chief Lester Bailey

Greetings to all the cinephiles out there!

We're back with another thrilling episode of Planet Zoom Vol 3, which continues our exploration of the captivating Dirt Merchants Universe. Your host, Joshua T Berglan, Director of New Media for Dirt Merchants Universe, expertly guides this exploration, putting a spotlight on the compelling film, X Tao.

For this special episode, we're joined by a distinguished guest, Chief Lester Bailey. He's a retired police officer who served the Chicago police force with dedication for 30 years, going above and beyond to even protect US presidents and numerous senators. His journey, however, didn't end with his retirement from the force. Inspired by the timeless wisdom of "Think and Grow Rich," Chief Bailey ventured into the field of personal development.

As the co-founder of the Hi 5 Club & Landed For Success, otherwise known as The Wealth Formula, Chief Bailey has shaped many success journeys, including his own. Currently, as the Personal Development VP for Dirt Merchants Films Universe, he strives to inspire others to transcend limitations and unlock their true potential.

In this episode, we delve into the creative intricacies of Film X Tao and broaden our horizon by exploring the expansive Dirt Merchants Universe. This opportunity to learn from a seasoned personal development expert like Chief Bailey is not something you'd want to miss.

So, are you ready to embark on this unique journey of personal growth and cinematic exploration? Then gear up and join us in this enthralling conversation.

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