A Candid Conversation with Lenerd Louw: Sexuality, Creativity, and Self-Mastery - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

A Candid Conversation with Lenerd Louw: Sexuality, Creativity, and Self-Mastery

Welcome to an enlightening conversation with Joshua T Berglan, featuring Lenerd Louw, a former corporate success turned sex and business coach. From his awakening and travels, Lenerd has published a book, "JUMP! - an epic soul and sex adventure," and now empowers men into their full potential. This discussion explores the intricate connection between sexuality, creativity, and self-mastery.


Lenerd Louw: A Journey of Transformation

Lenerd's life was once ruled by sex, drugs, and four years of intense partying. Leaving the corporate world behind, he embarked on a path of self-control and mastery, discovering a profound connection between sexual energy and creativity.


The Turning Point

Lenerd's breaking point came during a walk on the beach when he couldn't see the beauty around him anymore. He realized the need to engage in sex from a heart space, not just from a body point of view.

The Cycle of Renewal

Lenerd shares his seven-year cycle of renewal, feeling like the world is his oyster, and being in a place to master himself. His dreams are coming true, and he's thriving as a sex and business coach.


Sexual Energy as Creative Energy

Lenerd explores how sexual energy is super powerful and can be used for manifestation in the act of lovemaking. He discusses sexual transmutation and how it connects to creativity, power, and other aspects of life.


Demystifying Sex Magic

How can one demystify sex magic? By putting intention and feeling the energy. When two or more people come together, the energy is multiplied, leading to powerful manifestations.


Monogamy and Sexual Transmutation

The conversation also touches on monogamy's role in sexual transmutations and how polygamy is becoming more common in America. The speakers discuss their personal experiences with monogamous and non-monogamous relationships, emphasizing authenticity.


Conclusion: A Heart-Aligned Way of Operating

This conversation between Joshua T Berglan and Lenerd Louw offers a raw and insightful look into sexuality, creativity, and self-mastery. From personal struggles to profound realizations, it's a dialogue that resonates with anyone seeking to understand themselves better.

Lenerd Louw's passion for transitioning businesses into a more heart-aligned way of operating shines through. Connect with him at [lenerd@lenerdlouw.com] or visit https://lenerdlouw.com and [Linktree] to learn more about his work.

Join Joshua and Lenerd as they explore these themes, offering wisdom and guidance for those on a similar path. Whether you're interested in sexual transmutation, the role of monogamy, or simply seeking inspiration for personal growth, this conversation is a must-listen.

Listen to the Podcast version here. 




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