"Insights" with Lindsay Brown and Joshua T Berglan - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

"Insights" with Lindsay Brown and Joshua T Berglan

A Celebration of Resilience and Purpose: An Exclusive Interview with Lindsay Brown and Joshua T Berglan


In a world marked by the rapid pace of change and adversity, resilience and dedication are crucial ingredients for success. We, at Dirt Merchants Movie Company, are honored to bring to you an inspirational conversation between two such individuals who embody these qualities: Lindsay Brown, CRCST, CFER, CCSVP , a relentless Ocular Melanoma survivor, and Joshua T Berglan. This exclusive interview, which is part of our 'Insights' series, is sure to ignite a spark of motivation in your heart and inspire you to confront and overcome your own challenges.


Inspired by our celebrated film, Vino Royale, this dialogue offers a raw and intimate look into the personal journeys of Lindsay and Joshua, who have experienced significant hardships in life. Lindsay battled Ocular Melanoma with unwavering courage, while Joshua endured the painful loss of his father to melanoma. Despite their trials, their strength and optimism shine brightly, lighting the way for others facing similar struggles.


Lindsay's narrative extends beyond her fight with cancer. She is the dynamic VP of Sales and Marketing for Beyond Clean, where she tirelessly advocates for safe surgery and emphasizes the value of time. She also serves as a keynote speaker in the U.S and Canada, using her story and platform to inspire others and promote significant change in healthcare.


We also delve into how Lindsay, along with her team at Beyond Clean, are leading a revolution in the media landscape and making an impact on new media platforms. Lindsay's story, however, does not stop at her professional achievements. Get an insider's perspective of life in Northfield, Minnesota, and Minneapolis, where she successfully manages her thriving birth doula business and raises her three energetic children. 


In this enthralling discussion, you'll gain the rare opportunity to experience the undaunted spirit of Lindsay and her commitment to her work, even amidst personal adversities.


To support Lindsay's work and learn more about her influence in the healthcare industry, we invite you to explore a few of our favorite film projects that we've had the privilege of working on together:


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Join us for this compelling conversation on DirtMerchantsFilms.com and be a part of an inspiring community where adversity meets resilience, and personal hardship forges purpose.


Watch the full interview here.

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