The World's Mayor Experience Episode 2 'To The Survivors' ft. Robert Uttaro - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

The World's Mayor Experience Episode 2 'To The Survivors' ft. Robert Uttaro

The Healing Journey: Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence


Welcome to this episode of The World's Mayor Experience where we dive deep into the emotional and spiritual aspects of supporting survivors of sexual violence. Inspired by a recent episode, this broadcast aims to shed light on why some individuals dedicate their lives to this cause and the impact it has on survivors.

Why This Broadcast is a Must Watch

- Understand the role of a counselor in the healing journey
- Learn about the emotional and spiritual aspects of supporting survivors
- Gain insights into the complexities of trauma and healing

The Calling to Support Survivors

The simple answer to why some people dedicate their lives to supporting survivors of sexual violence is spirituality. For many, it's a calling from God or a higher power that resonates deep within their hearts and souls. They believe that they have been given certain gifts to use for the betterment of others, and it's their responsibility to act upon it. We believe we all have such gifts. 

The Importance of Being Present and Listening

One of the most powerful ways to support survivors is by simply being present and listening. Often, the act of listening can be incredibly healing for someone who has experienced trauma. It can even be life-saving. The blessing of being able to help someone just by being there for them is not something to be taken lightly.

The Debate: Personal Experience vs. Professional Help

There's a debate on whether having personal experience of abuse is necessary for effective counseling. While some argue that personal experience adds a layer of depth and understanding, others believe that you don't have to experience something to be helpful. The truth likely lies somewhere in between; what matters most is the quality of the support provided.

The Power of Sharing Stories

There's immense power in sharing stories and experiences. When survivors come forward and share their stories, it resonates with others who have had similar experiences. This level of connection can be incredibly healing and empowering.

Trigger Warning

This content discusses topics that may be triggering for some readers. Please take care of yourself while reading. If the content becomes too much, it's okay to step away.


Supporting survivors of sexual violence is a complex but incredibly important endeavor. Whether you're a counselor, a friend, or a survivor yourself, the journey towards healing is a collective effort. It's crucial to find someone you trust and build a relationship to grow in that healing. And if the first attempt doesn't work, keep looking. Everyone deserves to be treated well and to heal in their own time.

📚 About Robert Uttaro 📚

Robert's journey began with his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice, which inspired him to make a life-long commitment to activism and advocacy. As a counselor, he provides invaluable support to rape survivors and their significant others, helping them navigate through mental, emotional, spiritual, and legal challenges. He also conducts workshops that delve into the harsh realities of sexual violence, offering strategies for support, prevention, and healing.

📖 To The Survivors - The Book 📖

Robert is the author of the impactful book "To the Survivors," which serves as a beacon of hope and understanding for survivors and advocates alike.

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