Who Is The World's Mayor?


About Joshua T. Berglan, Director of New Media for Multiple Award-Winning Dirt Merchant Films

Joshua T. Berglan, widely acclaimed as "The World's Mayor," is an innovative media personality, producer, filmmaker, and talk show host, renowned for his relentless commitment to amplifying the voices of the underrepresented. Joshua's profound understanding of the future of media fuels his mission to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, particularly those who have triumphed over personal adversities, akin to his own remarkable journey.

Blessed to share his life with his partner Jessica Linn, and embracing all that this world has to offer, Joshua finds immense joy in his role as a devoted father to two amazing daughters. Their presence fuels his drive to create a better future for the generations to come.

As the creative mastermind behind the groundbreaking concept of "Media Company in a Box," Joshua seamlessly integrates his entrepreneurial ventures with his prestigious role as the Director of New Media for multiple award-winning Dirt Merchant Films. This innovative approach not only sets him apart but also enables him to offer unrivaled expertise to his clients.

Joshua has garnered global recognition for his contributions to the media landscape. His visionary leadership has spearheaded transformative initiatives, resulting in remarkable achievements within the industry. Through his pioneering work, Joshua has successfully mentored and inspired countless individuals, helping them navigate the ever-evolving media landscape.

Known for his unwavering dedication to social impact, Joshua has established a solid reputation for his commitment to philanthropy. His efforts extend beyond the traditional confines of media, as he actively contributes to causes that uplift society. Joshua's genuine passion for social change has led him to create sustainable programs that provide invaluable media resources, equipment, and education to underprivileged communities. This strategic approach ensures that each client's engagement directly contributes to empowering inner-city youth, individuals in recovery, the mentally ill, and those facing financial constraints.

Joshua hosts "Planet Zoom" exclusively on Dirt Merchant's Universe, a captivating platform that brings together diverse voices from around the globe. In addition to this groundbreaking show, he also hosts a range of other captivating programs, featuring fascinating individuals from various fields. Through thought-provoking conversations and engaging solo broadcasts, Joshua explores a wide array of topics, including the future of media, spirituality encompassing the occult, esoteric and world religions, addiction support, mental health, sexuality, and current events. These shows spark meaningful dialogue, inspiring truth-seeking, healing, and personal growth among his audience.

Driven by his unwavering passion for seeking truth, Joshua believes that truth not only sets people free but also has the power to heal. His relentless pursuit of truth is woven into the fabric of his work, creating an authentic and transformative experience for his listeners and viewers.

Beyond his media accomplishments, Joshua is an esteemed #1 international bestselling author. In his compelling memoir, "The Devil Inside Me," he shares his personal journey, inviting readers into the profound experiences that have shaped the man he is today. Joshua's authentic storytelling captivates audiences, leaving a lasting impact and inspiring others to overcome their own obstacles.

With his visionary mindset, Joshua T. Berglan is a transformative force in the world of media. Through his unwavering commitment to championing the stories that deserve to be heard, he elevates the purpose and mission of those he serves. With an unwavering focus on fostering hope and inspiration for a better future, Joshua continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of media, creating a legacy of positive change.