Cherriest Jam: Authenticity, Realism, and Mentorship in Film - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

Cherriest Jam: Authenticity, Realism, and Mentorship in Film


"You just watched Cherriest Jam, I understand I want to bring out to you this concept. In the movie and what it is that we are astounding in these, in, in these films.

All of our films, Josh, as are motivational, inspirational, transformational, and sensational. You are actually an associate producer and also a a character, played a character on the first two movies, Romancery and Rebelistic which are both films about. Choices and decisions that we make.

And so we'll put that on the side for a second. Since Cherriest Jam is fresh in your mind, first of all, I want you to tell everyone what were your favorite, maybe three parts of the movie. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna identify the lessons that we are that we're bringing out to to y'all.

Why you do that.

Oh my gosh. So the things that were highlighted for me, and I typically watch a film a couple times, especially when I like it, but for me, the conversations that took place were so authentic. It wasn't canned, it brought in real life stuff, and I don't wanna run it for anybody because I do recommend you could watch it, because I was shocked how much I loved it.

The music was incredible. But I really like the fact that you brought race into not just race but discrimination, racism even like I'm losing the word right now, but you brought real life issues that even people culturally can have against each other into this dialogue other than the fact that, I love a good, crime film and other things like that.

But it, the dialogue felt rich and authentic and this is the conversation that I would be having with someone else right back when I'm doing my back in my criminal days. And so that really drew me in the music. But the overall just feel for me was, it felt real. And honestly for me it was like I was there in the movie, which was crazy cuz you're not using any wild CGI or 3d

but the way that it was shot, and this is beyond my pay grade here with cameras, but the way it was shot, I felt like I was just sitting there watching the dialogue happen, like I'm part of the movie. Yeah, I don't know how you did that, but for me, that kept me wanting to watch cuz I felt like I was there

The entire time.

Josh, I wanna talk about a couple things that, that you mentioned here. First of all, this ties in directly to our theme of the day, which is honesty and realism. The way that we pull audiences into these movies from the very beginning is we use authentic feeling, authentic sounding, authentic looking Tools that will allow us to just be real.

The conversations are conversations that either did happen or would happen very easily, and the fact that we have the these stories are true stories. Now, cherry is, jam is probably I shouldn't say the least true of all the stories, but there's there, there's a lot of things that didn't actually happen.

In Cherriest Jam, but very well could have happened. And sure, there, there are very important conversations that happen between these characters. And again, we're not, there's no real spoiler alerts here. We're not gonna give away anything about this movie that you're, that you're gonna wanna, that you're, that's gonna , ruin it for you.

But, We wanna share the concepts, and I'll also encourage you to watch the film and comment on the film and tell us what you pull out of it. There's a conversation between two cops. There's one as an undercover cop, a young hotshot, and the other is like the veteran cop. And you've seen this in movies before where you have the young hotshot coming in and the veteran trying to teach 'em the ways of the world.

You've seen it in lethal weapon. And probably many decades prior and many decades since the rush hour movies are similar way, the older, more sedated Chinese cop trying to teach the the young aggressive cop. So you have that situation, but.

When people watch this movie, they ask me, where's the mentorship? It seems like it's a crime story, and there really isn't anything that is mentorship oriented until I start to point out some things that , that make it, that bring it to light. Plus, since Cherriest Jam is part of a trilogy, There's the first one, the second one, third one, so it all follows, but the mentorship is with the police, is with the police Woods, who is the elder cop is by the book.

And he is, and again, ties into the truth the way you're supposed to do it. The letter of the law. And. And what he is communicating to his protege is that is not to cut corners. Cause as soon as you, when you cut corners as a cop, you're it's it's a sort of lie telling, if you will.

And it ties directly into, what is happening today in our world. And I would say that, I don't know what the numbers is, but the majority, the overwhelming majority of police officers, Are following the rules, right? And as when the few bad apples, they cut the corners, that's when all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose.

You're in a position of authority, you're in a position of power and woods is doing everything you can to have this young buck follow the rules and not take matters in into his own hands. So that's the mentorship in the movie and we always go back to it and go back to it and go back to those conversations until the end."


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