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Why Work With Joshua T Berglan?

Meet Joshua T. Berglan, the "World's Mayor" known for his pioneering work in new media and multimedia platforms. His 'Media Company in a Box' system has revolutionized multimedia, bringing in multiple revenue streams for entrepreneurs and businesses from all over the world.

Joshua's passion for media literacy is evident as he conducts courses worldwide, benefiting organizations supporting the youth, ex-convicts, former trafficking victims, and those struggling with mental health and financial challenges. He also empowers virtual assistant organizations to meet the growing demand for media support.

As a staunch advocate, Joshua lends his voice and resources to support individuals battling challenges such as mental illness, HIV, issues related to sexual identity, trauma from abuse, and systemic injustices.

Joshua's latest initiative is a "Donation-Based Media Consulting" service, designed to ensure that everyone has access to top-tier media guidance irrespective of their financial situation.

Apart from his notable advocacy work, Joshua offers a wide range of services, including media company consulting, book publishing, TV, movie, and documentary production, podcast production, event production, revenue stream finder, on-camera coaching, PR services, 4th industrial revolution preparedness work, and AI and immersive media consulting.

With a track record of winning victories in film festivals and becoming #1 bestselling author in four countries, Joshua T. Berglan, the World's Mayor, has a winning strategy to help others achieve their aspirations. He encourages those in a position to give more to consider sponsoring someone else, ensuring that another dreamer gets the chance they deserve.

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Who Is The World's Mayor?

Joshua T. Berglan, widely recognized as the "World's Mayor," stands as a beacon in the expansive universe of new media. His groundbreaking venture, "The World's Mayor Experience," is a multimedia platform that bridges divides, fosters global connections, and celebrates unsung heroes from every corner of the world. As a two-time international best-selling author, Joshua's accolades extend to producing award-winning films and TV shows, further cementing his stature as a renowned filmmaker and talk show host. Beyond the glitz and glamour of media, he is deeply committed to imparting media literacy to the youth. A staunch advocate, Joshua lends his voice and resources to support individuals battling mental illness, HIV, challenges related to sexual identity, trauma from abuse, and the many systemic injustices that plague our society. His latest endeavor, the "Donation Based Media Consulting," exemplifies his dedication to ensuring everyone, regardless of their financial standing, has access to top-tier media guidance.