"Insights" With Joshua T Berglan and Chadd Stoops Vol 8 - part 1 - Joshua T Berglan "The World's Mayor"

"Insights" With Joshua T Berglan and Chadd Stoops Vol 8 - part 1

Welcome to Volume 8 of 'Insights', your go-to podcast for profound interviews with some of the most brilliant minds in the creative world. I am your host, Joshua T Berglan, and it's an absolute pleasure to navigate this journey with you. Our guest in this installment is none other than Chadd Stoops—an esteemed actor, accomplished comedian, and skilled writer, known for his multi-dimensional talent in the entertainment industry.

In Part 1 of our comprehensive dialogue, we will delve deep into Stoops' prominent role in the renowned 'Hitter Twist' trilogy, a notable creation of Dirt Merchants Film Company. Throughout this episode, we'll journey together, unearthing the layers of the protagonist's journey as portrayed by Stoops. We'll also discover the wealth of experiences he brings from his vast career in the film industry, his exceptional improvisational skills, and his unique contributions to music videos and commercials that set him apart in the landscape of modern cinema.

Chadd Stoops, with his academic background in Theater, Speech Communications, and Psychology, is a gifted artist who adds depth and expertise to every role he plays. His impressive credentials enrich our exploration of his career and the influence he's had in the world of film.

This episode provides a captivating glimpse into the world of cinema through the eyes of an artist who lives and breathes his craft. It is not just an interview—it's an expedition into the heart of the film industry, a tale of talent, dedication, and the unique artistic perspective that Stoops brings to every project.

After our insightful conversation, I highly encourage you to delve deeper into Stoops' repertoire. His other noteworthy works include:

A visit to his website, www.louderthanwordsthemovie.com, will offer you a glimpse into one of his compelling projects.

Additionally, you can check out the trailer for 'The Precipice' on Vimeo, accessible via the following link: https://vimeo.com/815717657.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to gain unique insight into the world of film from one of its respected artists. Join us, and let's uncover the beauty of cinema together in this edition of 'Insights'.


Watch the full episode here. 

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